A Rake of His Own: FAQs

Because A Rake Of His Own is a little different from my other Stariel books, I thought I’d try to give more information upfront about what to expect, if you’re still undecided about whether it is for you.

So is this book a continuation of the Stariel series?

Yes and no. The King of Faerie wrapped up the major plot threads of the series, and the plot of A Rake of His Own is a self-contained murder mystery. The main character is different – Marius rather than Hetta and Wyn.

BUT A Rake of His Own picks up chronologically shortly after the events of The King of Faerie, so you do get to see some of ‘what happens next?’

Do I need to read the other Stariel books before reading A Rake of His Own?

No (although, as the author, I obviously think everybody should read ALL my books!). I have had a lot of readers enjoy A Rake of His Own without any previous knowledge of the series.

However, you will be spoiled on some plot events for previous books.

(You will also miss out on the UST that builds over the first four books)

Will we see the wider Stariel cast in this book?

Several of them have cameos, including Wyn and Hetta.

Is this book steamy?

Yes, there are a handful of steamy scenes in this book, though the focus is on the emotions rather than the anatomical details. I’d rate the steam in the previous Stariel books about 🔥🔥 and Rake probably qualifies as 🔥🔥🔥.

Are there any content warnings?

If you would like specifics before diving in, you can get spoilery details about Rake (and indeed, about any of my books) from my website: For readers who want more details before diving in

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