For readers who want more details before diving in

I know some readers like to know certain details about a book or series before they choose to invest their time in it. This page describes what my books contain for the following:

  • Heat level / sexual content
  • Violence or other traumatic experiences
  • Cursing

If you would like more information about a specific topic that isn’t mentioned here, please get in touch and I will add it to the page.

Spoilers ahoy!

The Stariel Quartet

(Note that there is a separate section for the spinoff book A Rake Of His Own).

Heat level / sexual content

This is a slow-burn romantic series, with the sexual content increasing over the course of the four books. There are sex scenes in later books, though the focus is always more on the emotion than graphic anatomical details. Specifically, the sexual content of the series is:

  • The Lord of Stariel – two kisses, briefly described
  • The Prince of Secrets – kissing and nudity / fondling but no sex
  • The Court of Mortals – one longer sex scene on-page; one briefer scene
  • The King of Faerie – two on-page sex scenes and one fade-to-black scene

Violence or other traumatic experiences

The violence in this series is fairly minimal and not gory. This setting does contain period-typical homophobia and misogyny.

  • The Lord of Stariel – A character’s parent dies before the book starts. There is one briefly described ‘fight scene’ with a fantasy monster. Reference to the alcoholism of the main character’s now-deceased father. A queer character is (privately) outed.
  • The Prince of Secrets – a character is shot (but later recovers). A villain character is killed with magic.
  • The Court of Mortals – a character is injured in a fight with a fantasy monster (but later recovers)
  • The King of Faerie – a character is implied to have experienced torture (off-screen); a pregnant character fears miscarriage (but this does not come to pass)


Cursing in this series is mostly limited to ‘damn’ and ‘bloody’, but f*ck appears occasionally.

A Rake Of His Own

Heat level

This m/m spinoff has a higher heat rating than the main quartet.

There are three reasonably explicit on-page sex scenes in the book including oral and anal sex, though the focus is always more on the emotions than on anatomy.

Violence or other traumatic experiences

The book contains several murders and associated blood and dead bodies.

Characters are injured on-page by stabbing and impalement.

One character describes their experience of past sexual assault, though the details are implied rather than explicit.


Period-typical homophobia.


In two separate instances (one supportive; one accusatory), characters in private conversation confront the lead character with the fact that they have guessed his sexuality.