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A Rake Of His Own Is Out: Launch Week Shenanigans

A Rake of His Own has been out a whole week, and I'm humbled and thrilled by its reception. It's always a bit nerve-wracking, releasing your book-chick into the wild and hoping it's fledged enough to fly! (You can order your copy here: If you're still uncertain whether this book is for you, check… Continue reading A Rake Of His Own Is Out: Launch Week Shenanigans

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Format news: Signed paperbacks of A Rake Of His Own and Audiobook Update

Signed paperbacks The good people at Good Books in Wellington are hosting a pre-order for the paperback of A Rake Of His Own, and I'll be signing these before they're sent out. Order your copy here: Good Books also have paperbacks of the rest of the series if you want to drop by the… Continue reading Format news: Signed paperbacks of A Rake Of His Own and Audiobook Update

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Anthology Announcement!

I'm excited to announce that I'm part of an anthology of fantasy romance fairytale retellings releasing later this year. This is my first time writing a short piece and participating in such a group project, and I had a ball (heehee) of a time doing it. More details on my own story to come. There… Continue reading Anthology Announcement!

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Fantasy-of-Manners Books

Fantasy-of-manners is a subgenre of fantasy where the societal setting lends itself to intimate, complicated social interactions and (you guessed it) manners. Think ballrooms and manor houses rather than battlefields. The name draws from ‘comedy of manners’, and while fantasy-of-manners books aren't always humorous, they often do have a whimsical / tongue-in-cheek tone.

Half a page of handwritten notes under the heading "Productivity and Balance"
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Productivity and Balance: Conference notes

This is my write-up of the notes I took during a session on Productivity & Balance given by Nalini Singh at the Romance Writers of New Zealand 2021 conference in Wellington. As such, her actual words have been paraphrased and filtered through the chaos labyrinth of my own brain, so you should attribute all the… Continue reading Productivity and Balance: Conference notes

A gold and green trophy shaped like a diamond placed in front of the four books from the Stariel series.
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Two events and an award

Whew, what a whirlwind of a weekend! The short version: Two events, a drink that was ON FIRE, and a trophy! The long version: This weekend was the annual Romance Writers of New Zealand conference for 2021. This was my second RWNZ conference (I wrote about my first time here), and because of our closed… Continue reading Two events and an award

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The not-quite end of the Stariel Quartet / An announcement

So, The King of Faerie is the last book in my Stariel Quartet. Well, only mostly, as it turns out. Whilst The King of Faerie (Stariel #4) indeed wraps up Hetta and Wyn’s story and the main series arc, I found in writing it that there was another character whose story needed a bit more… Continue reading The not-quite end of the Stariel Quartet / An announcement