The Prince of Secrets

princeofsecrets_640px x 414 pxWyn has secrets. Winged, magical secrets.

Wyn knows falling for Hetta Valstar is a bad idea. She’s human and the new ruler of Stariel Estate; he’s fae, and in hiding as her butler. If their relationship gets out, it’ll cause a scandal that could ruin their attempts to sort out the estate’s crumbling finances.

It doesn’t help that the sentient estate Hetta’s magically bonded to has decided it doesn’t like him.

But more than bank loans and Hetta’s good name are at stake. Wyn’s past is coming back to bite him. Ten years ago, he broke an oath and shattered the power of his home court, and the fae have been hunting him ever since. Now they’ve found his hiding place, they won’t rest until he’s dead or the debt is repaid—and they don’t play nicely.

The Prince of Secrets is Book 2 in the Stariel Quartet. 

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