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A Rake Of His Own Is Out: Launch Week Shenanigans

A Rake of His Own has been out a whole week, and I’m humbled and thrilled by its reception. It’s always a bit nerve-wracking, releasing your book-chick into the wild and hoping it’s fledged enough to fly!

(You can order your copy here: If you’re still uncertain whether this book is for you, check out my Rake FAQs)

Here’s a round-up of all the Happenings this week.

Signed paperbacks sent out!

I signed a bunch of copies for Good Books to send out for those who pre-ordered Rake. I signed a few extra, so get in quick if you want one:

Boxes and stacks of A Rake Of His Own

Book cake!

A Cake Of His Own…

A Rake of His Own Gets a Shiny Banner!

But look at that nice orange tag. Very good for the ego!

Screenshot of Amazon product page for A Rake of His Own showing an orange "#1 Best Seller in Gaslamp Fantasy" tag.

Rake makes the NZ Bestseller List!!!

This is the list of the week’s best-selling hard copy books sold by NZ bookstores (so ebooks don’t get counted). It was SO COOL to see Rake make this list. Thank you so much to everyone who bought a paperback, and for Good Books for handling all the online orders!

Screenshot of the bestselling books list with A Rake of His Own circled at #7

I do an Ask Me Anything on r/fantasy!

This was a lot of fun. Thanks so much to everyone who asked questions, even the slightly tricky ones!

You can read my answers here:

Whew, what a week! I’m going to go lie on my fainting couch to recover from all the excitement.

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