The Lord of Stariel

Cover coming soon

Fae. Romance. Shenanigans.

There are certain things a well-born young woman should not do, and one of them is run away to study illusion. Hetta Valstar did just that six years ago, and she hasn’t been home since. Now her father is dead and Hetta and the rest of her relatives are summoned back to the magical family estate so the land can choose its new lord.

When the Choosing Ceremony doesn’t go as planned, it’s only the start of Hetta’s problems. Now she’s stuck at Stariel Estate, and her family aren’t going to make life easy. Everyone’s keeping secrets, and some of them have wings. At least the neighbouring lord supports her, but is this really the time for romance? If only her best friend wasn’t being so elusive (and irritatingly attractive).

But there’s a bigger threat on the horizon for the first time in centuries, the fae are returning to Prydein. If Hetta can’t figure out how to protect the estate,  eccentric relatives will be the least of her worries…

The Lord of Stariel is Book 1 in The Stariel Series series.