Half a page of handwritten notes under the heading "Productivity and Balance"
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Productivity and Balance: Conference notes

This is my write-up of the notes I took during a session on Productivity & Balance given by Nalini Singh at the Romance Writers of New Zealand 2021 conference in Wellington. As such, her actual words have been paraphrased and filtered through the chaos labyrinth of my own brain, so you should attribute all the… Continue reading Productivity and Balance: Conference notes

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The not-quite end of the Stariel Quartet / An announcement

So, The King of Faerie is the last book in my Stariel Quartet. Well, only mostly, as it turns out. Whilst The King of Faerie (Stariel #4) indeed wraps up Hetta and Wyn’s story and the main series arc, I found in writing it that there was another character whose story needed a bit more… Continue reading The not-quite end of the Stariel Quartet / An announcement

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Less than one month to go…

Soooo… THE LORD OF STARIEL ebook is available to pre-order on Amazon! It will release 1 November and I am COUNTING DAYS GUYS OMG. I am both incredibly excited to show it to the world and nervous for precisely the same reason! I think of books as a long, time-delayed conversation between authors and readers.… Continue reading Less than one month to go…