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The not-quite end of the Stariel Quartet / An announcement

So, The King of Faerie is the last book in my Stariel Quartet.

Well, only mostly, as it turns out.

Whilst The King of Faerie (Stariel #4) indeed wraps up Hetta and Wyn’s story and the main series arc, I found in writing it that there was another character whose story needed a bit more telling than I could fit within its pages. I’ve been hesitant to announce this because I initially thought this extra piece might be a bonus story or a novella that I could include as an add-on to Book 4 when it releases. However, having recently reached 30,000 words on this spin-off story without yet passing its midpoint, I think it’s time to admit that I am in fact writing another novel.

This is a very long-winded way of saying, yes, Marius Valstar is getting a book!

No blurb or cover yet, but I am delighted to announce the forthcoming existence of Of Plants & Princes A Rake of His Own, which will sit chronologically after the events of The King of Faerie.

Update: A Rake Of His Own is now available to pre-order!

19 thoughts on “The not-quite end of the Stariel Quartet / An announcement”

  1. What a wonderful news! 😻 I’m currently rereading the whole series with the habitual delight, and was actually thinking that I’d love some spin-off, that the series offered some wonderful possibility of
    many developmentss.
    You’ve made my day! 🤩
    A story for Marius is awesome! I was also thinking about Jack, the contrast between his personality and rather tragic situation, Stariel wise, is inspiring. And Caroline, and the younger ones… 😁 (no, not aunt Sybil 😑)

    (Incidentally I perfectly understand the very curious ability of novels morphing into novellas or novellas in books. A story has a life of its own, and sometimes just escape from our initial idea…😏)

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    1. 😊😊😊 I’m really enjoying writing Marius’s story! It’s a change from being mostly in Hetta’s head, but a fun challenge.

      (My stories do so far show a strong tendency to expand upon my original plans!)


      1. Expanding is nice from my point of view! 😁
        Yes, Marius’ mind would be quite from his sister self-confident one 🙂 I’m really looking forward reading this one, and so happy to know I won’t have to make my mourning from Stariel’s world yet 🌟💛

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  2. I’m beyond thrilled to hear that Marius is getting a book! Are we going to get a glimpse in anyone else’s headspace, or is it going to be just through Marius’… err, talent?


    1. At this point it looks like at least the vast majority of it will be in Marius’s point of view – though that doesn’t mean we don’t get glimpses into other people’s heads…


  3. Oh, and please, please let us know why the Crown Prince of DuskRose found his end. It’s been a constant thread through the series and still there is no answer!


  4. Super excited about this. Just yesterday I finished reading Book 4 and I reeeally want more. I’m excited and delighted to hear that Marius’s story will be continued. I assume it will also talk about why the Dusk Rose Prince had to die. It seems he may have done something terrible. Would be nice to see Baby Prince again, he was adorable.

    Now, I feel like there are a couple of other loose ends or I missed it.
    * Angus Penharrow wanted to know how turn his estate into a faeland. Will he go through with it if he finds his answer? Though, maybe that isn’t needed anymore…hmmm.
    * The Compulsion, was Rakken able to remove it all and do they have to wear the amulet for the rest of there lives? Can Marius’ abilities help remove it completely?

    Not a loose end but I thought it would be really nice if Ivy and Irokoi became friends. They are both disfigured and I thought it would be nice to see them bond over that and share how it felt to grow up like that. How it effected them and so on. Though it seems Irokoi wasn’t so insecure about his eye anymore once he was in Stariel. He seemed very confident and relaxed.
    Also, the idea of Ivy and the Valstars using the High King’s Library is very appealing to me. It’s such a waste for that place to go unused. Her parents are also academics and I think they would be over the moon to step foot in such a library. Hmmm, though I guess it wouldn’t be possible because I don’t think they would be able to understand the language but if some of them have enough fae blood or something…. hmmm.

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      1. Is there any more news on an upcoming release date yet? Hope everything is going well with publishing and you’ve not come across any hiccoughs. I confess, I may have binge-read (not sure if that’s a word, but I’m having it) the entire series and the hopeless romantic in me is desperately wanting to see Marius and Rakken get together. I had my head in my hands with Marius and his confidence issues; I felt like banging their heads together. Pleeeeeaaaaase don’t leave me in suspense too long!


  5. As I was flying through King of Faerie, everytime Marius (and, let’s be real…Rakken) were on screen, I was waiting for the inevitable developments that didn’t come. I totally get why you couldn’t include them in this main story arc, but that didn’t stop me longing for their story. So, you know, thanks. I can’t wait.


  6. Hi. Just devoured all 4 books. I want to echo everyone’s praise on here. I enjoyed them all so much!
    In addition to Marius’ book, which I am looking forward to, when can we expect this?, I would also like to put out there that Alex really really needs a story since she has such powerful Sight. I would also like to get to know Ivy and Caro more/better. And I kinda liked Sunnika and would like to get to know her more too.



      1. Please! !I’m a teacher about to start a new year in a mask no less and I need something to tide me over!! Marius will do nicely!


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